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the look in ur eyes makes me crazy

mar mar
19 February
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im martina. im a girly girl and im a freshman..i go to nova high. i love
shopping and fashion.i love pink ...i love speding time with my girls.
im hyper 90% of the time. im loud. sometimes i can be shy tho, like if
i dont know u but eventually i open up.my friends say im easily amused.
im realy nice once u get to know me ..even tho i might look bitchy...
the beach is my life.. i think theres nothing better than to lay down
on the beach for the whole day =D. im outgoing and i love meeting new
people. i ♥ my best friend des..shes the best =D

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i ♥♥♥ my girls

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des + mar = B F F <333

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Desi = my ho, my best friend forever !!!